Do you want to learn more about the curious world of Obsidian Dandy? You’ve come to the right place and that’s just Dandy!

Obsidian is a NYC based Circus Performer and Flow Artist known for transforming shapes and melting minds with elegant and surrealist flare on TikTok.

Due to the Pandemic shutting down live events, Obsidian decided to try something new. He posted 2 videos a day, every day on TikTok for over a year. To his surprise, his posts went viral and his channel exploded! It was so much fun that he would love to go full-time and continue creating content but he’s in DANGER! All his savings have been exhausted and live entertainment has not yet recovered enough from Covid to sustain him. He truly NEEDS YOUR HELP or he’ll have to find some other type of work and won’t have time to create content daily or even weekly anymore! He might even have to give it up altogether and that’s not dandy at all!

Show your support for the Dandy in 5 easy steps:

  1. Join the League of Dandies mailing list!
    Let’s show how many people want to be part of Obsidian’s curious world. Get your news right from the source, your support could make all the difference! Provide your email address and name to be added to the Obsidian Dandy list. We promise not to spam you with unrelated emails or sell your info to anyone EVER. JOIN NOW
  2. Follow Obsidian Dandy on Social Media!
    Follow him on Instagram, YouTube and Twitch for updates and more awesome content. Join the weekly live-streams on YouTube to give direct feedback and suggestions to Obsidian!
  3. Support Obsidian Dandy via Patreon!
    Obsidian is sharing EXCLUSIVE content, Unique merch (this is where you’ll be able to get t-shirts and other goodies!) and even custom videos and lessons via his Patron Page. You can support Dandy and get directly involved in the feedback process via his private Discord Server by becoming a Patron for as little as $1 per month. That’s right, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can help make the world a more Dandy place!
    Unique backer rewards are available and you’ll get the latest news on Obsidian’s projects and even help decide what they will be before anyone else. You’ll also have the opportunity to pre-order popular items (like his MASK!) to ensure that you get them before they sell out!
  4. Purchase Obsidian’s official merchandise at his online shop!
    Obsidian has a small rotating stock of personally curated merchandise that he hopes to continue to expand with your help… including THE MASK. That’s right, we have handmade limited runs of the mask he wears in all his TikToks so that you too can become DANDY! Other items include jewelry made from real obsidian and eventually he’d love to create an entire line of elegant and refined clothing, jewelry and curiousities for you all to enjoy! Proceeds go to support Obsidian’s creative efforts and continue following his dream to be a performing artist and content creator.
  5. Send Dandy a Tip via PayPal or Kofi!

That’s it! 5 easy ways you can support Obsidian and save him from leaving the surreal world he’s worked so hard to create and going back to the normal world. TAKE ACTION NOW!